10 Must Do Things While Visiting Argentina & Chile

10 Must Do Things While Visiting Argentina & Chile

Get Lost in La Boca (Buenos Aires)

One of the must-see destinations in Buenos Aires has to be La Boca, the colorful district that exemplifies Argentine culture. Legend has it that La Boca’s architecture got its vibrant look because; being close to the sea, many of the immigrants living there took the painted wood from ships to build their homes. Now it is a bustling district full of shops, cafes, and plenty of nooks and crannies to explore.


Take An Artsy Side Trip to San Telmo (Buenos Aires)

San Telmo is Buenos Aires’ cultural district, and the perfect place to snag that one of a kind memento for the folks back home. The entire district is bustling with artists and bohemian charm, and you can find street vendors on every corner selling their crafts. San Telmo is perfect for a long afternoon as you stroll along cobblestone streets, taking in the beautiful architecture and sampling Argentine cuisine at one of the many cafes.

Get Your History On At The Foot of El Obelisco (Buenos Aires)

Obelisks are a staple of Egyptian culture, but did you know that you can find one in the heart of Buenos Aires? Constructed in 1933, the massive monument was built to commemorate four important events in Argentine history; the foundation of the city four hundred years before, the destruction of the church of St Nicholas, and the location of the first instance of the hoisting of the national flag inside the city.

Walk With the Dead at the Cemetery of Recoleta (Buenos Aires)

If you tire of the gift shops, art galleries, and scenic vistas abundant in Buenos Aires, head over to Recoleta and visit the City Of The Dead. This still functioning cemetery features multi-story mausoleums (some even with windows), beautiful sculptures, and cultural artifacts. The cemetery is laid out like a miniature village, with nearly seven thousand tombs packed into the narrow twisting streets. You can find family tombs of some of Argentina’s elite in Recoleta, including the famous Eva Peron, subject of the Broadway musical and film Evita.

See the Wine Country with a Wine Tour (Mendoza)

There are many wine tours available in Mendoza, from a laid-back afternoon treat to a three day cultural whirlwind. No matter which way you go, prepare to taste some of the best vintage the country has to offer, while learning of the rich cultural heritage of this region of Argentina.

Experience the Majesty of the Andes (Mendoza)

The Andes are a breathtaking range of mountains that stretch across the northwest border of Argentina. Historical and natural offerings abound here, from military monuments to thermal waters with healing properties. If you’re serious about hiking or climbing you can attempt to tackle the Alta Montana, famous the world over for its challenging treks and beautiful views.

Experience the Past at the Cerro Santa Lucia (Santiago)

Originally built as a stronghold, the Cerro Santa Lucia was transformed into a public space in the late nineteenth century. Now it is a dazzling destination with stone walkways, gardens, fountains, and views of the city. The best time to visit is during daylight hours.

A Feast for the Eyes and Stomach at the Mercado Central (Santiago)

The Mercado Central is a national monument of Chile with gorgeous metalwork that was completed and flown over from England. It functions as a fish and produce market with many functioning stalls and restaurants tucked inside. The Mercado is the most exciting place to experience true Chilean cuisine.

See the Sights at the Top of Cerro San Cristobal (Santiago)

Ride the funicular up to the top of Cerro San Cristobal (an experience in itself) to see some of the most splendid views of the city. Locals advise that the views are best after it’s rained. Up here you can also view the statue of the Virgin of The Immaculate Conception.

Take a Walk on the Wild Side in Death Valley (San Pedro)

If the hustle and bustle of the city isn’t for you, head to San Pedro to experience the wonder of Death Valley. Entering this exotic landscape is like stepping foot on another planet. Take a hike through its challenging crags and valleys while volcanoes loom in the background.

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