5 Top Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots in Africa

5 Top Budget-Friendly Vacation Spots in Africa

With its beautiful, expansive landscapes, lush, natural wonders and an array of fun things to do, Africa, the world’s second-largest continent, unarguably finds its name scribbled on any traveler’s list. You can now experience the magic and adventure of this unpretentious wonderland without burning holes in your pocket. Listed below are some of the budget-friendly vacation spots in Africa:

1. Cape Town, South Africa

Although the locals may beg to differ, Cape Town was recently voted the second cheapest city to live in the world. This little wonder city has an array of incredibly beautiful places to visit.
There’s the “take-that” beauty of mighty mountain range that drops calmly into the shimmering sea, the pristine beaches, nicely caressed in the lap of the chilly Atlantic and the unending picturesque beauty of nature is a constant means of amazement here.
Yet, Cape Town has a delightful urban edge too. Top-class restaurants, excellent art galleries, ‘sweet-nothing’ savvy shops and an exciting nightlife. Here are some places which requires an honorable mention.
Ascending the 500 million old Table Mountain is a must if you are in this sprawling city. Take a cable car ride and sit back to embark on a thrilling journey to the mountains. Feast your eyes on the lush greenery carpeting the mountain hills.
As if the mountains weren’t enticing enough, just on the outskirts of the city is a beach filled with pretty, dotting penguins. This pristine beach is part of Table Mountain National Park with an entrance fee to see these little munchkins. Oh! just imagine the beauty of this place on your Instagram!
Well, if beach is not really your thing and you just want to relax in the lap of serene nature then head straight to Kristenbotch Gardens. This quietly tucked away, beautiful corner graciously welcomes you to wander through the exotic flowers and plants spread all around.
After an enthralling tour a relaxing drink with some good music is a must. Well, Long Street is your hub for that. Not too over-crowded and cheap drinks make it a delightful combo for budget conscious but ‘good time’ seeking travelers.

2. Mombasa, Kenya

For adventure enthusiasts, Mombasa, is another wonder city to look out for. It lies on the coast of Kenya and is a perfect destination for scuba diving and snorkeling. Hop on a ‘dhow’ and sail off to explore the hidden gems of this amazing place. Please the archeologist in you with beautiful sights of all the ancient ruins such as Ruins of Gedi near Malindi and Fort Jesus.

3. Zanzibar, Tanzania

When we think of Zanzibar the first thing that comes to our mind is a tropical island scattered with splendid 5-star hotels and couples on their honeymoon. Well, that is true, but the place has much more to offer that not all know about.
Firstly, it is an awesome destination for budget travelers. Calm, shimmering beaches, exciting activities and events, full moon, rocking beach parties in Kendwa, pocket-friendly bars, spice tours, soothing sailing trips and more. There is definitely something here for every taste and every budget.

4. Bale Mountains, Ethopia

Yes, Ethopia too can be an ideal vacation spot for travel seekers. This place is not all about desert and sand as most of us think. Not many know that this region is filled with trees, wildlife and mountains and is a perfect halt to park your adventure-thirsty soul.
The Bale mountains, in the southern part of Ethopia, are incredibly beautiful, especially if you are keen on camping and sleeping amidst nature. Live those eras again of horse riding and wander through the beauty of this place as you gallop around. Know about the medicinal properties of every tree and plant you pass and experience an incredible way of living that you never thought was possible.

5. Living Stone, Zambia

When we are talking about Africa how can we forget the mighty Victoria falls, which rightly sits on the list of one of the seven natural wonder of the world. Just few kilometers away from the city of Living Stone, this place is definitely a must visit. The city also offers you a plethora of exciting activities such as bungee jumping, white river rafting, rock climbing and walking safaris.
Africa, undoubtedly remains one of the most interesting and unique travel destination with end number of exciting vacation spots for all types of travel enthusiasts. An array of fascinating explorations and yet there are many more to be discovered. Abundant wildlife, serene beaches, diverse marine life and welcoming people, there really is no better destination for die-hard travelers than Africa.

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