Top European Cities to visit in Summer

Top European Cities to visit in Summer

Top European Cities to Visit in Summer

Europe is an incredible place to spend your summer vacation. You have everything from incredible cultural experiences to ancient history to world class beaches to heart pounding adventure sports. On thing that really separates Europe from other vacation destinations is the proximity of countries. If you’re in France, all you need to do is hop on a bus and in a few hours you’re in Amsterdam. Want to go to London or Germany? No problem – Budget airlines like Ryan Air or EasyJet can get you there for under 50 Euros.

Here are some of the top European cities to visit in the summer time.

Destination: Paris, France

A visit to Paris should be no surprise. It’s one of the best known spots in all of Europe. Paris houses the infamous Eifel Tower, as well as the scenic River Seine. It also has world famous churches, like the Sacre Coeur and Notre Dame.

Before landing in Paris, brush up on your French. Unlike most European cities, it can be a little tough to get by on just English.

Destination: Faro, Portugal

If you’re looking for a sunshine experience, look no further than Faro, Portugal. Faro’s call to fame is a bit different than other cities. Faro is known for being sunny. That’s not just an idiom, but a scientific fact. More sun hits Faro (as measured in sunlight hours) than any other city in Europe. This city is sunny more than 3,000 hours every year.

In summer time, you have more than 11 hours a day of bright sunshine. The city itself has a very cultural feel. It’s influenced by both Arabic and Roman architecture. There are incredible bazaars and markets to do shopping, as well as many ruins and sights to see.

Of course, you also have Faro’s incredible beaches to play in, sunbathe on or party on. If you’re looking for a sun soaked vacation in summer, this is the place to be.

Destination: Berlin, Germany

Berlin is quite unlike any other city in Europe. Though Germany is the economic mammoth in the European Union, for some reason Berlin is quite affordable. You can eat a decent meal for as little as 2 Euros. Unlike other major European cities, going to Berlin in summer isn’t going to break the bank.

Berlin has an incredibly wide range of experiences to offer. For the artistically oriented, Berlin’s street art is world famous. You can take a free walking tour to see all the street art Berlin has to offer.

Berlin is also a city rich in history. The holocaust memorial, Hitler’s (former) bunker and the Berlin wall are all free sites open for tourists to see. Berlin also has many highly innovative museums.

To top things off, Berlin has a wide array of cuisines and incredible fashions. Its nightlife has no rival – In fact, Berlin’s Bergheim nightclub has been voted the “#1 Club in the World” many times.

Destination: Cyclades Islands, Greece

Greece has a lot to offer for the summer vacationer. It has fantastic beaches, incredible nightlife, delicious foods, watersports, incredible parties and more.

The Cyclades islands are a series of islands stretching south of Athens. You can easily hop between islands through one of the frequently running ferries. From party islands like Ios or Mykonos to scenic and relaxing islands like Santorini, the Cyclades islands have it all.

On many of these islands, you can rent a four wheel drive vehicle and go buggying around the island all day. One popular activity is to buggy out to the tip in Santorini to witness what’s been called the best sunset in all of Europe.

Destination: Ibiza, Spain

Finally, you have the party capital of Europe. In summer, Ibiza is the place to be for anyone who wants to really dance.

Ibiza regularly features the largest DJs and names in the world. The world’s most expensive sound system resides in Space, one of the top clubs in Ibiza, complete with massive speakers and subwoofers, laser systems to die for and a mist system that can blast the whole club at once.

Ibiza is expensive. Spending just a few days in Ibiza is usually more than enough.

These are some of the top European cities to explore in summer. Whether you’re looking for culture, for food, for beaches or for world class parties, Europe in summer has all of that and more.

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