Why Taking a Ferry Ride from Koh Phangan to Bangkok is a Must!

Why Taking a Ferry Ride from Koh Phangan to Bangkok is a Must!

Are you planning a trip to South East Asia?

If you are, then I’m sure you’re figuring out what countries you want to go to, what order, what to bring with you, visa lengths and fees, and your daily budget.

I bet one thing you might have overlooked was transportation between countries and what your different options are.

Traveling through Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, and Cambodia is really easy and accessible. Even within each of the countries, you have quite a few options to consider.

  • Of course, you can take a plane between countries or cities if you’re short on time.
  • Taking a train is also a nice option since you get to pass through the countryside of the different South East Asian countries. It may take a long time; however, the views you get can only be seen on a train.
  • Riding a bus is also an option many people take if they want to ride overland during the night time. Most buses have seats that are already lying down, which makes it easy to sleep on twelve plus hour bus rides.
  • If you’re really comfortable and savvy, you can hitchhike.
  • The most popular option is renting or buying a scooter to ride around the cities and get yourself to the next destination. It’s popular since it gives so much flexibility.

I bet one option you didn’t consider, was taking a ferry boat! This mode of transportation is underrated especially if you’re considering island hopping around Thailand. For this article, I’ll focus on you island hoppers who wish to make the most out of your stay on these Thai islands.

I’ll tell you why taking a ferry ride from Koh Phangan to Bangkok is a must.

Why Take a Ferry Ride?

Just to be clear, if you take a ferry ride, you either take one directly from Koh Phangan to Bangkok or to a smaller town. If you take a ferry to a smaller town, you’ll book one to Suratthani or a neighboring city. From there, you can stay a night there in a hostel or hotel, or book a train, plane, or bus to Bangkok. If you book your train or bus ticket ahead of time, you might run into trouble if the boat comes in late!

Also, consider if you really want to get off a long boat ride and immediately get on a long bus or train ride.

Here are a few reasons why a ferry ride from Koh Phangan is a must for travelers:

Eye-Catching and Wondrous Scenery

On the ferry ride, you can enjoy and savor the unobstructed scenery of the Thai Islands as you pass them by.

Imagine you can slowly pass by mountainous rocks covered with luscious trees and other plants. Maye you’ll even see a flock of birds fly over the ferry boat.

Below you can deeply gaze into the some of the bluest and most green waters in the world. You can see fishermen pass by in their wooden boats as they set out for the day or come back home with their haul of fish. Maybe you’ll even see a school of fish swim along the boat.

You’ll have enough time to take in the scenery in the present and be amazed and humbled by how great nature truly is. You’ll also be able to catch a glimpse of the everyday lives of the local Thai people. If you’re not too taken with all around, you can sneak a picture to treasure for yourself.

Enjoy the Tranquility

Unless you booked a ferry ride that plays music the whole time, it will be quiet enough so you can relax with other travelers. You can leisurely walk around the boat as you wish, order food, and take a rest. There’s enough room on the boat to allow for that. You also can easily meet other like-minded people, who enjoy the ride.

You can enjoy being inside or outside whenever you want. Unlike being on a plane, train, or bus, where you’re cooped up inside. You can enjoy the scenery from the comfort of a couch or chair or on the more open deck space. You may be able to reflect on your time in Koh Phangan with how much ease you’ll have on the ride back.

No Traffic

Unlike riding on a bus or train, you won’t have to deal with any traffic on the sea. Although it will take a long time, it won’t be because of other boats but the nature of how boats move in water. On the ride, you won’t have to deal with traffic noises and frequent stops if you were on a bus or train.

If these reasons don’t convince you to take a ferry ride from Koh Phangan to Bangkok, then I don’t know what will. If you have the time and want to gaze at the Thai scenery, then book your ferry ticket when you want to go back to Bangkok.

Author Bio:

This article is written by Paul Young promoting ferry rides from Koh Phangan to Bangkok.

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