Why Travel to Germany?

Why Travel to Germany?

As per recent statistics, Germany is one of the most frequented travel destinations in the world. Why travel to Germany? The country undeniably has a lot more to it than meets the eye—be it the jaw-dropping landscapes of its countryside or the architectural marvels that bear witness to its glorious history. Not to mention the umpteen gastro delights that are nothing short of ambrosia. Formulating an itinerary to cover all the major attractions in and around Germany can be quite a daunting task, given the multitude of options that prevail.

To make your journey hassle-free, we present you with a convenient guide that will enlighten you on the prominent destinations across Germany and perhaps, lure into hopping on the next train/flight there (who knows!).

  1. Berlin

Of all the places to visit in Germany, Berlin invariably tops the list. Being the capital city, its intricately woven history will stare you in the face at every turn. This is a city that sparked off a mutiny, had been the Nazi headquarter, demolished to pieces, split into two and finally reunited—all of which transpired in the 20th century.

If the graffiti on Berlin Wall leaves you awe-struck, how about standing in the very room the Holocaust was plotted? Chilling to the bone, isn’t it? If so, take a ride to the Brandenburg Gate or Reichstag Building which is enough to revive your spirit. What’s more, you might hop into one of the many cafes dotting the busy streets of Berlin and revel in a delectable spread of kartoffelpuffer, the flavors of which will linger in your tongue for times to come. Also, do not miss a trip to some of the verdant beer gardens that offer a potpourri of local as well as global dishes apart from their customary assortments of freshly brewed ale.

Berlin Wall

The Berlin Wall

  1. Munich

The next significant location on the German map is Munich. Munich is best known for its annual Oktoberfest celebration and the enthralling vistas of the Bavarian Alps along its border. The Bavarian Metropolis is home to a plethora of tourist landmarks including Nymphenburg Palace, Englischer Garten, Marienplatz, Hofbräuhaus am Platzl, and the Altstadt to name a few.

Nymphenburg Palace

Nymphenburg Palace

Munich’s walkable hub exudes a small-town ambience but features some world-class attractions, especially old-fashioned museums and art galleries. In terms of food, Munich is your safe haven that caters for every taste, budget, and age group. The city is lined with Mediterranean-style street cafes, in addition to its famed beer halls. Drop by any of the sprawling beer halls and guzzle down a pint of beer to enliven your body after a particularly busy day of touring around the city. If you’re a nature fanatic, you may take a day off at a nearby Alpine village. Here, you can bask in the midst of nature as you soak in the captivating panorama encircling you.

  1. Hamburg

Having relished the splendor of Munich, you cannot but miss a trip to the city of Hamburg. Perched along the banks of Elbe, this lively city never fails to impress its visitors through its numerous provisions for entertainment. It hosts a multitude like concert halls, theatres, and musical shows. In fact, it is the birthplace of Hamburger Schule that later paved the way for several famous music bands including The Beatles.

Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg, Germany

Furthermore, Hamburg serves as a major science, research, and education center in all of Europe. It incorporates some of the most prestigious institutions and universities worldwide. Being Germany’s largest port, every nook of the city gives vent to its maritime heritage; that’s how it earns the moniker ‘the gateway to the world’. Soothe your ears to the cry of gulls as you meander through the vibrant locales of Hamburg. Or better, take a detour to a venue by the harbor and groove to the pulsating beats of electronic music.

  1. Cologne

Another delightful stop happens to be Cologne, where you can behold the peculiar conflation of history and architecture. Like all the other cities, Cologne too has a strong affinity to history, especially, Roman. While sauntering about this peaceful abode, you might stumble upon a quaint Roman building or a medieval church. You might even run into avant-garde infrastructures that mark a stark contrast to the city’s old-world charm. If you’re lucky enough and happen to drop by Cologne at the right time, you might also take part in its springtime Carnival and experience moments worth cherishing for a lifetime.

Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany

It is highly convenient to travel around Germany as it has the second most efficient transport system in Europe. Besides an incredibly well-networked railway facility, Germany also provides long-distance buses with stops in all of its major cities.

You need not anxiously flip through a German dictionary or take a German course prior to visiting Germany. The locals are fairly, if not entirely, proficient in English and have a ‘happy-to-help’ attitude in case you’re stuck somewhere.

More importantly, Germans are deeply passionate about their nationality which makes them all the more courteous when it comes to demonstrating their culture and history to an outsider. Sounds fascinating? Now that’s a given. So stop questioning why travel to Germany, and start packing your bags!

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